Knights of St Andrew

The Knights of St. Andrew are a structured unit within the Scottish Rite in the Valley of Lexington. Full membership is open to all 32° Scottish Rite Masons. Emeritus, Honorary, and Associate members consist of 32°, KCCH and/or 33° who are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings and support the Knights, but do not have a vote within the Order and cannot hold office (see our By-Laws for details).

Elected Officers wear a Black Glengarry with a Gold Badge and White Hackle
Knight Commander – David Gillespie, 32˚ E-mail: Phone: (859) 492-3855
Knight Warden – Brad Mann, 32˚ E-mail: Phone: (859) 806-0016
Knight Captain – Dean Foster, 32˚ E-mail: Phone: (502) 514-1191
Knight Adjutant – Mike Niedwick, 32˚ E-mail: Phone: (859) 433-8101

Appointed Officers wear a Black Glengarry with a Gold Badge and Blue Hackle
Knight Chaplain – Mike Ford, 32˚ E’ Mail: Phone: (859) 321-4601
Knight Marshall –
Knight Standard Bearer –
Knight Sentinel –

Emeritus Knights (32° K.C.C.H. or 33°) wear a Maroon Glengarry with the proper badge and hackle:
Ill Chris L. Stout, 33°, Personal Representative
Ill James L. Butler, 33° Secretary / Registrar
Ill Roger L. Trent, 33° - Secret Master of the 4°
Wendell Trent, 33˚ – Venerable Master of the 14°
Michael Brooks, 32˚ KCCH – Wise Master of the 18 ˚
Derek Phelps, 32° KCCH – Commander of the 30°
Ill Revel V. Lewis III, 33° - Mater of Kadosh 32° Consistory