The Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA, firmly believes that an educated Mason gets the most out of his fraternity. An educated Mason not only enjoys his Masonic experience more, but also receives the Craft better. With that in mind, the Scottish Rite, SJ, offers several opportunities for its members to expand their Masonic knowledge.


Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program

The Scottish Rite Master Craftsman (SRMC) program is the flagship Masonic education program created and sponsored by the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ. It currently consists of three, by-mail correspondence courses, and the Group Studies program.

Scottish Rite Research Society

The Scottish Rite Research Society (SRRS) formed in 1991, is one of the most dynamic forces in contemporary Masonic research, pursuing a publication program that emphasizes quality—both in content and in physical form. (Please note this link will direct you to the SRRS’s web site).

Recommended Reading

Numerous books are available to assist in your quest for further light in Masonry.  We recommend the following to get started.


Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Morals and Dogma is a book of esoteric philosophy published by the Supreme Council, Thirty Third Degree, of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. It was compiled by Albert Pike, was first published in 1871 and was regularly reprinted thereafter until 1969. An upgraded official reprint was released in 2011, with the benefit of annotations by Arturo de Hoyos, the Scottish Rite's Grand Archivist and Grand Historian.


A Bridge to Light

An introduction to the Scottish Rites Degrees and symbolism, this book is the most popular exposition available, by one of the Rite's most articulate philosophers and writers.  The 4th Edition of this classic work includes the changes introduced with the adoption of the Revised Standard Pike Ritual; the official Ritual of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.  This volume is recommended by the Grand Archivist & Grand Historian.


Pillars Of Wisdom - The Writings Of Albert Pike - Revised Edition

First published in 1995, and revised in 2016, this collection of essays looks at the major themes in Albert Pikes writings. Pike was Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33, SJ USA, rewrote its rituals, and is perhaps best known for publishing Morals and Dogma in 1872.  Pike wrote at a time when he could expect his audience to understand theology, philosophy, and the classics. His writings can be difficult for todays reader because of differing education backgrounds and because his prose is suited for Victorian tastes.  Bro. Hutchens has written extensively on Freemasonry and helped rewrite Pikes rituals. His book, Bridge to Light, is given to each new initiate of the Southern Jurisdiction. Thus Hutchens brings unique skills to analyzing Pikes writings.

For even more study material we highly recommend The Scottish Rite Store!