Scottish Rite Brethern,

I hope everyone continues to do well in these unforeseen times as the world begins to open up.  I pray everyone is staying safe!

We will have our first meeting in July, but there will not be food or refreshments of any kind as we will be following CDC guidelines and those established by the Grand Master.  Our meeting will start at  7:30 PM, on the third Thursday of each month.  Dress is casual, and marks are required (especially for those over 65).  If you feel sick, please say home!  This will continue until further notice (or changes are made the Federal/State/Local governments and Grand Master).

I am continually looking for degree cast members, kitchen staff, and other appointed officers.  If you are interested or think you may be interested, please contact me (859-492-4496) or any officer at the Lexington Scottish Rite (859-277-7856).  We need more involvement from members to keep the fraternity alive!  Come out and support your Lexington Scottish Rite.


Fraternally and faithfully thine,

Roger L. Trent, Jr 33°
Personal Representative
Lexington Scottish Rite